What to Wear for Photo Sessions…

whattowearIt’s a common question to a common situation.  What do I wear??  First things first, be comfortable being you.  Don’t try to be someone you aren’t, just be you.  Here are some great tips for your session!

If  a group session, try to co-ordinate, but don’t be matchy matchy.  A suggestion for example, everyone wear something blue…doesn’t have to be the same blue…all shades will compliment one another.

  • Skip the white shirts/blue jeans…
  • Accessories and Layers are great…think blue scarf as noted above.
  • Avoid labels, characters, and logos.  These are dated and will take a way from the photos.
  • Shoes do matter…avoid runners and white socks…unless it’s a sporting event!
  • Remember to by comfy, we might be trekking some terrain, or getting in awkward positions to get that great shot! 
  • Remember to have fun!